Systems in Balance


The body can expand in performance and heal from injuries with a mindful connection to your physical frame and feeding the body whole food nutrition.


Services are offered in person, and are also available from a distance.

Chiropractic Full Spine Adjustment

I use the Activator Method Technique which is a gentle, low force method to adjust the spine and realign the body's frame.

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Nutritional Analysis

We focus on changes in your diet and lifestyle to address the underlying causes of illness. To do so, we compile an in-depth analysis of your blood panels. The cost of running labs is typically covered by your health insurance provider. 

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The skull is intended to be a pumping mechanism for the cerebral spinal fluid, which provides nutrients and removes metabolic waste to and from all areas of the brain. Receiving the cranial adjustment expedites the whole body’s ability to heal. 

Laser Therapy

This is the drug-free, surgery-free solution to advanced pain relief. Class IV K-Laser delivers specific red and near infrared wavelengths of laser light to induce circulation, enhance tissue repair, and reduce swelling and pain.

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Rock Tape Blading and Taping

Movement therapy and performance enhancement with gentle soft tissue techniques that down-regulate the nervous system instead of creating more pain patterns.

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NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)

This is a technique that powerfully and gracefully supports the patient's nervous system to better adapt to whatever stress they are experiencing via the alignment of the emotion, the neurology, and the body.

I have been an Advanced Practitioner of NET for 14 years. This practice is derived from an Eastern philosophy that the organs of the body are associated with certain emotions. Science has proven that emotions exist in our cells. NET facilitates the alignment of your emotional and physical well being.

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Meet Helen

Hello! My name is Helen Bae Mankoski. As a holistic chiropractor and a master herbalist, I am committed to optimizing the alignment of the body's physical frame and its internal systems to support the body's ability to process stress in a healthy way. It is my passion to empower and enable people to heal their own bodies and fully enjoy life!

I address concerns in the context of a triad consisting of chiropractic structural alignment, emotional stress and nutrition. Healing in this way provides a solid foundation, reflecting the strength and resilience of the triad itself.


  • James Madison University - Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelors in Spanish
  • Studied at the University of Salamanca Spain
  • Post Baccalaureate from the University of Maryland
  • Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas
  • Fulfilled extensive, rigorous leadership training in leading 150+ seminars for Landmark Education Worldwide
  • 2010 - voted as the Rising Star practitioner for Standard Process Whole Food Nutrition
  • Advance certification in Neuro Emotional Technique


It would bring me great joy to support your empowerment.

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