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Standard Process Fuels Athlete’s “Impossible” Antarctic Dream

An Antarctic sea voyage dubbed “The Impossible Row”  was made possible in part by the nutritional expertise of Standard Process, one of the nation’s pioneers “in the field of whole-food supplementation since its founding in 1929.” The man behind the mission Colin O’Bryan turned to Standard Process to keep his crew properly fueled for the grueling …

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How N.E.T. helps people with serious health conditions

Dr. Segreto speaks about how N.E.T. can help people with serious medical conditions in this bonus clip from the Stressed documentary shoot. To learn more about Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) and the effects of emotional stress watch Stressed, available on Food Matters TV, iTunes, & Google Play.
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Owen tries NET on Grey’s Anatomy!

NET (neuro emotional technique) has made its way into mainstream media in a big way. In a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy called ‘Head Over High Heels’, Owen works with a therapist who incorporates the NET healing process into his session. We watch as the therapist explains how Owen may be ‘caught in a pattern.’ …

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My Perspective on Time

Living in the Silicon Valley where the weather is beautiful with the mountains, sea, and all year round sunshine and cool breeze… I can get caught up with a feeling of overwhelm to move and do things faster and on time, no matter what. I’ve realized that only I can slow this moment of time …

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